Roadside adverts considered

advertising at prominent roadside locations across the county could be the norm from next year if appropriate sites can be found.

Council officers have been asked to further investigate the potential for town and village “gateways” and roundabouts to be used and to provide a list of suitable sites.

This, together with proposals for a sponsorship scheme and associated signage at these locations, will be brought to Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee early in 2012 with a view to being implemented later in the year.

Despite warnings from infrastructure services director Eric Lowson that there were legal and road safety issues to be considered, at their meeting last week infrastructure services committee members voted through a motion by Councillor Bob Myles asking for the matter to be taken forward.

Although the council decided in 2006 not to open verges and roundabouts to commercial interests, the subject was raised again in August by local councillor and infrastructure services convener David May. He had been approached by a local event organiser after they were told that placing advertising banners on council fences at roundabouts and near a local supermarket contravened council policy.

In his report Mr Lowson said that community groups wishing to advertise would have to meet legally required public liability insurance to a minimum value of £5 million and, as advertisements fall under the control of the Town and Country Planning regulations, any advert displayed at a roadside for anything other than a statutory body would require advertisement consent.

A licence scheme would also be introduced for community advertising although this would be subject to charges to help meet the costs of its management.