Round Table shows the way with £1,000

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Montrose Round Table has given £1,000 to the fund for the town’s new Day Care Centre, to be known as The Adam Centre. At the same time the ‘Sponsor a Block’ fund-raiser was launched, details below.

The cheque was handed over at Wednesday’s meeting in the George Hotel by chairman Ben Thornton, to Gae Moore, Day Care Centre director.

She told the Review that there had been an approach from Round Table to see if a donation would be appropriate. Gae added: “They asked how much we would like, and I said that anything at all would be welcome.

“I was totally shocked when the chairman phoned and said they were going to give one thousand pounds.

“We are so grateful to the Round table - it was a lovely way to start off the project.”

The inspiration for the Adam Centre was a very generous legacy from the Adam family, to be used for the new purpose-built Day Care, which would enable services to be extended and would allow the provision of a garden and a view.

The total cost of the project will be around £500,000, and inevitably fund-raising will be on-going. Gae said that the project is quite scary, with much to be bought, but that the £1,000 would be very welcome for the contingency fund.

The public can help by ‘sponsoring a block’. A payment of a fiver will allow you to buy your very own building block, and all donations will be recorded in a ‘Block Book’ which will be available for scrutiny at the Adam Centre.

Gae said: “We thought that if we kept the cost reasonable, members of the public would be able to contribute.”

It is also possible to turn the block sponsorship into a Gift Aid Donation by filling in a form to confirm that you are a tax-payer.

Day Care can then claim back the Income Tax you paid on the £5, to increase your donation by a quarter.