Royal Archers compete for Montrose Silver Arrow

Royal Company of Archers marching down Doward Road
Royal Company of Archers marching down Doward Road

Members of the Royal Company of Archers visited Montrose at the weekend for a special event.

They competed on Saturday for the Montrose Silver Arrow, demonstrating their skills with the longbow as they shot over a distance of 180 yards.

The Silver Arrow was presented to the Royal Company by the Magistrates of Montrose in 1850 and is now shot for every six years and this year it was presented to Malcolm McVittie by Angus Provost Helen Oswald.

The archers wore their full uniform, including an impressive eagle feather in their bonnet as they marched from the Park Hotel to the Links accompanied by council members behind the Scots Guards Association Pipes and Drums.

The Company then marched back to the Park Hotel, where they held a Mess Dinner in the evening to which the Provost and other members of the council attended.

The Royal Company was constituted as an archery company in 1676 and was appointed The King’s Body Guard for Scotland - today Her Majesty The Queen’s - in 1822.

They provide a formal body guard for Her Majesty at official state events.