Sainsbury’s to re-apply

SUPERMARKET giant Sainsbury’s is planning to lodge a revised planning application for a store in Montrose.

This was revealed by Montrose Community Council’s planning secretary, John Ruddy, during Thursday’s meeting in the Academy.

Mr Ruddy said that the problem faced by Sainsbury’s with their favoured site is parking.

There was insufficient ground for both the size of store they want, and the number of parking spaces they would require.

Discussions took place with next-door neighbours Lidl over sharing parking but this came to nothing.

The revised application will be for a store that is 10 per cent smaller than the previous one, but will still employ the same number of staff.

An extra 40 or 50 parking spaces mean that the total number will be over 170.

Community council members commented dryly that customers would still park at one store and go to the other.

Mr Ruddy said his understanding was that Sainsbury’s are planning to open next spring at the earliest.

The matter is expected to be on the agenda of the Montrose Partnership meeting on March 21.