Saying goodbye to the paper tax disc

I cannot believe that as from October 1, 2014, paper tax discs will no longer be issued and required to be displayed on vehicle windscreens.

The paper tax disc, first issued on January 1, 1921, is something I think I will miss.

My windscreen will look very bare without one.

Vehicle tax still needs to be paid, however, but with the DVLA having a digital record of who has and has not paid, a paper tax disc will no longer be necessary as proof that vehicle tax has been paid.

Most on-road enforcement actions are now based on using automatic number plate readers (ANPR).

The camera uses the number plate rather than requiring a visual inspection of the tax disc. The police also have access to DVLA records via the police national computer.

Once the changes come into action in October there will be significant savings for fleet operators and other business from not having to handle the administration of tax discs.

It will be sad to see the humble tax disc go but I hope that the new system will make it easier for all ages. I can’t wait to not have to find my insurance documents just for a trip to the Post Office!