Scared of flying? Not me! says hypnotised Frankie


FRANKIE Clark, of Montrose Guns and Tackle in Murray Street, was terrified of flying.

He had never been in an aeroplane and was absolutely convinced that he never would.

He felt claustrophobic at the very thought of being in an aeroplane, and was certain that some disaster would befall any plane that he was on board.

Then his wife, Arlene, booked a family holiday in Majorca - and Frankie found that they were flying there.

But he got on the plane, enjoyed the three-and-a-half-hour flight, even enjoyed some turbulence, and had not a moment of anxiety from take-off to landing again on the way home.

He chuckled: “I walked down the aisle to speak to someone in another part of the plane, and on the way back the plane was bucking up and down. But that was fine!”


Frankie was recommended by Mike at the gunshop to contact a gentleman by the name of Bob Burns, who is a hypnotist.

Frankie told the Review: “I didn’t see what he or anybody else could do, but a only two days before the flight, I had a session with him. That’s just one session.

“At the airport it wasn’t even case of trying to be big and brave. I was fine. It’s hard to believe. I just can’t get over how much I enjoyed it!”

“We’ve another holiday by plane booked, and I booked it myself!”

He continued: “Bob’s amazing. I just can’t put into words what he achieved.”

Among the things he achieved were Frankie reassuring his three children that the flight would be fine - not that they in fact needed any reassuring; and comforting an elderly lady who was showing signs of nervousness.

We spoke to Bob, who said Frankie was an ideal subject.

He continued: “Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, but in his case it was incredible.”

Bob is a clinical hypnotist who is a native of Aberdeen but who has lived in Montrose for 15 years.

He said: “I just love the place!”

Bob has his business premises at Links Park, the home of Montrose FC.

And as well as his hypnosis, he works as a magician and mind-reader.

More information about bob can be found on his website,

He also provides free treatment for people who suffer from chronic pain.

He told us: “I recognise that pain is present for a purpose, to direct attention to what needs to be cured.

“But chronic pain is a different thing and can be relieved.

As if to prove beyond all possible doubt that Frankie’s fear of flying has flown forever, Bob is trying to arrange a flight for him in a microlite plane.

And as Frankie cheerfully put it: “No bother!”