Scheme hits stumbling block

HOPES that a new coastal path could be formed along the shoreline between Ferryden and Scurdie Ness have been dashed after the project was felt to be unsuitable for funding.

A grant application was being prepared for submission to the Angus Coastal European Fisheries Fund, which was established earlier this year and administered by Angus Council. Its purpose is to support projects that bring economic benefit to the county’s coastal area, with a strong focus on fisheries and maritime related activity and the village’s community councillors were hopeful that the scheme, which intended to provide another amenity for tourists, would be a suitable project.

It was also running in tandem with proposals to help safeguard a cairn near Scurdie Ness lighthouse, which is being undermined by erosion. It was erected by Ferryden Community Council to mark one of the finishing points for the annual Great Outdoors Challenge coast to coast walk.

At their meeting on Thursday, community councillors were told by members David Wilson and Sandy Nicol that the application was unlikely to be approved.

Mr Wilson said: “We had a good close look at our application and decided that the requirements were such that an application had to be orientated more to fisheries than we were doing so we didn’t feel it would be successful so we’re suggesting shelving it and looking at it from another angle.

“I’ve been contacted by a neighbour about some rock he’ll provide for the cairn so the low key approach might be the best way forward.”
Mr Wilson also said the continuing cost of maintaining the path had gone against the scheme as maintenance would fall entirely to the community council, which could ill-afford the expense.