Scottish Water’s pledge to investigate floods

LAST week’s meeting involving local Angus councillors, council officials, residents of flooded areas in town and representatives of Scottish Water, has already had a positive result.

The parties met to discuss the problem of why certain parts of Montrose suffer repeated flooding, and yesterday (Tuesday), Scottish Water began their site inspections.

Two areas of Montrose were severely inundated at the start of July, which raised serious concerns amongst the residents and businesses living and working there about what the future held, if action was not taken by Scottish Water.

Montrose Councillor Mark Salmond had requested an urgent meeting with Scottish Water and Angus Council roads officials to identify a long-term solution to these problems.

After that meeting Councillor Salmond said: “Aulton Way and Blackfriars Street suffered severe flooding. Not unreasonably, this caused great alarm to the residents of the former and the business owners in the latter.

“I invited Councillor Valentine to join me at the meeting last Friday with local residents and officials. We had a very frank and informative meeting with the residents, who left us all under no allusion that they expected action to resolve this problem which they advised us went back over 35 years.”

Councillor Salmond added: “I am grateful to Scottish Water for agreeing to my request to carry out investigative works in the wider area of Aulton Way to establish whether or not there are any blockages which may be causing the water to back up and then consequently flood the area.”

The Councillor continued: “The Aulton Way residents are looking for answers and support from Angus Council and I have agreed to liaise with the different Angus Council officials to ensure their voices are heard in Angus Council and keep them updated on the results of the Scottish Water investigations, and also provide them with emergency contact numbers for assistance in any future flooding incidents.”

Councillor Salmond, Angus Council road staff and Scottish Water officials also visited Blackfriars Street, the location of severe flooding which affected Ian Guthrie Motors and Kevin Dey Motors on two occasions in the last half-dozen or so weeks. Firefighters had to be called to pump away floodwater which was threatening to do serious damage to the properties.

The councillor continued: “This area of Montrose is not normally prone to flooding so it came as quite a shock to the local business owners. Scottish Water have also agreed to carry out investigative work there to establish that the sewers are flowing at 100 per cent capacity. Scottish Water have indicated that they are confident of solving the Blackfriars Street problem quite quickly and I hope this is the case”.

He concluded: “Scottish Water sometimes gets a bad press for customer services but in this instance they have been proactive and positive to my requests, and I intend to ensure that they keep their promises to the Montrose residents.”