Seaway is the way forward

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In recent months several people have recommended to us the Seaway Chip Shop in Monifieth and our visit at the weekend did not disappoint.

Although this area is blessed with fantastic fresh fish, for some reason this does not always translate into a decent fish supper, and it is refreshing to find somewhere that gets all the elements right.

Even though the Reform Street chipper was very busy, we were in and out in less than 10 minutes, and with freshly cooked food too.

We decided to sample two of the staples of a visit to the chippie, a fish supper and a sausage supper, plus two pickled onions, which came to just over £10.

The fish was straight out of the frier, the batter was light and crispy and the flesh flaked effortlessly but was still firm and full of flavour.

There were two medium-sized battered sausages in the other supper, a nice surprise and a hearty portion. The batter was also crispy with a pleasant chewy factor and the sausage was juicy. There were plenty of chips in both suppers, and were a pleasing mix of moist and crispy; there’s nothing worse than a dry chip in my experience!

We are not really a fan of pickles, but the onions had a nice crunch to them and were not overpowering. We would certainly recommend a visit to any peckish persons passing through Monifieth!