Self-taught artist hosts exhibition at Pavilion

Eric with his painting at the Pavilion Cafe at Stracathro Hospital.
Eric with his painting at the Pavilion Cafe at Stracathro Hospital.

The art gallery in The Pavilion @ Stracathro cafe in the grounds of Stracathro Hospital is hosting a new art exhibition during August and September featuring the work of self-taught artist Eric Meikle.

Eric is originally from Edinburgh but moved to Brechin a few years ago. Speaking about his work, he said: “I am thoroughly enjoying the new landscape opportunities around Brechin. I work in oil on canvas, mostly landscapes but I enjoy challenging myself, so all subjects are fair game.

“My work is a mix of impressionist and realism. I love the way different light conditions change the mood and feel of a familiar landscape or subject. I was once told paint what you see and feel, not what you know to be there.

“I have been painting and selling my work for a few years now, mostly in Scotland but my work also hangs in France, America, and Canada.”

The exhibitions at the cafe are changed approximately every eight weeks and local artists are invited to display their work. The cafe is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm.

The majority of the art on display at the gallery is for sale, with each participating artist donating 20 per cent commission of sales to Stracathro Hospital. All money raised is used to enhance the Stracathro Hospital environment for patients and visitors.