Serious Financial crisis at Montrose British Legion

The branch clubrooms on Wellington Street
The branch clubrooms on Wellington Street

Following alarm bells ringing about the financial state of the Royal British Legion Scotland (Montrose) Social Club accounts, an extraordinary general meeting was held in the clubrooms on Monday.

A large number of members gathered to learn that funds held in the bank plus immediate forecast deposits, could not meet the immediate outgoings required in the next few days. The treasurer wanted to know where he was to get funds immediately.

Despite members being concerned, and trying to offer solutions to help to alleviate the situation over the next few weeks, the meeting was unable to placate the official’s fears.

A motion was passed to permit a mailing to all members with a suggested appeal to raise funds to alleviate some of the pressure, and a number of measures were recommended to be put in place at the earliest possible date.

These will be released for public support shortly.

Regarding future annual membership fees, the level of these had been ignored for the past few years, and it was realised that steps had to be taken immediately.

From October this year membership of the social club will be increased by £5 to £14 and this will be reviewed at future annual meetings on a regular basis.

Apart from the immediate plans that are to be put in place, it was agreed that the office-bearers of the branch, social club and women’s section should meet and try to look at ways to work closer together and move the club away from its dangerous situation.

Serious investigations must also be looked at savings that can be made.

Much of the pressure comes from heavy bills from licensing authorities, taxations, and in-house expenses.

A spokesman said: “The lack of support of members who simply pay their fees each year and never appear to support the club are heavily criticised. As is said on many occasions ‘Either use it or lose it!’ We cannot continue to support the non-attendees.”