Services for World Day of Prayer

CHRISTIANS in Chile are inviting local people to join with them, and Christians from 180 other countries, in this year’s World Day of Prayer.

The service, with the theme ‘How many loaves have you?’ has been devised by Chilean Christians and will be celebrated in countries around the world from the Islands of Tonga in the Pacific, beginning when dawn breaks, to the islands of Samoa, where the final service will be held after the world has been circled in prayer for around 36 hours.

The Republic of Chile stretches between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains and while 80 per cent of it is mountainous, it also includes deserts in the north of the country with prairie grasslands further south and Polar landscapes to the extreme south.

Current surveys show that 89 per cent of Chileans adhere to the Catholic faith, 10 per cent is Protestant and the remaining one per cent consists of small Jewish, Orthodox Christian and Muslim communities as well as a number of other minorities.

In Scotland, services for the World Day of Prayer have been held each year since 1930 in churches, prisons, schools, universities, hospitals, eventide homes, hostels, ships and shopping centres.

In Montrose this year services will be held at a number of venues, the first being at St Mary’s and St Peter’s Church, which is hosting this year’s event, at 11am. It will also host the main service of the day at 7.30pm with guest speaker Alajandro Merino from Chile.

Services will also be held at local sheltered housing complexes in the afternoon, in Fordmill Nursing Home, Dorward House and at Hillside and all the hymns are familiar and well-loved.

Anyone is welcome to attend all these services to join in accepting the invitation from an exciting country to answer their theme and seek God’s wisdom and gain new understanding.