Shock for Nicolle as grave is polluted


Nicolle Robertson had a nasty surprise when she visited her grandfather’s grave in Sleepyhillock Cemetery recently.

There are white stones around the headstone, but these, the stone itself, and the surrounding area had been covered by clippings and dirt.

The stone is located hard up against a high hedge.

Angus Council employees were in the area, and had done the trimming.

But Nicolle tells us that when she approached them about the mess they shrugged their shoulders and said there was nothing they could do

Nicolle told the Review: “I can’t understand why they could not have put a cover of some kind over the headstones on the half-dozen or so graves in that area which are clearly maintained.”

Her grandad, Charles McLean, died in 2006 and Nicolle and members of the family, make regular visits to his grave.

Nicolle added that this is the fourth or fifth time the grave and its surroundings have been covered by waste material in this way.

A spokeswoman for Angus Council told the Review: “A council spokesperson said: “While our park staff cover as much of the ground and headstones as possible, we will review our procedures in light of these comments.”