Should traffic wardens return to Angus?

Cars parked illegally on Montrose High Street
Cars parked illegally on Montrose High Street

Angry residents in Montrose have been complaining at the high number of vehicles that are illegally parked in the town.

Two Montrose councillors have different opinions on how the issue should be tackled.

Liberal Democrat councillor David May has contacted Police Scotland and is calling for it to revoke its decision to remove traffic wardens from our streets.

SNP councillor Bill Duff said he believes that the police should not deal with parking problems and that Angus Council is on the case to decriminalise parking so it can deal with the issue.

Mr Duff said: “Councillor May should be well aware why Police Scotland is removing parking wardens in Angus.

“Enforcing parking regulations is no longer part of the police’s core function, which is to keep people safe.

“In many other parts of Scotland, parking is now enforced by non police staff.

“As Councillor May should know Angus Council is progressing decriminalisation of parking.

“This will allow the council to collect fines, rather that these going to the exchequer in London. This is a lengthy procedure. Once this work is completed the council will review the best way forward for Angus.

“It is worth pointing out the there were only two traffic wardens in Angus previously.”

Mr May said: “It is clear from local residents, drivers and shops that there is a very considerable problem and anyone who is in the centre of the town can see this.

“Although it is the case that our council is progressing the decriminalisation of parking this will take some time and parking is an issue until this can be done.

“People have complained that more and more drivers are parking on double yellow lines, often making it difficult to see ongoing traffic.

“I have heard people say this is likely to lead to accidents and makes driving much more difficult.

“Another complaint is that drivers are increasingly parking for long periods of the day which makes it very difficult to get a parking place.

He added:“I have spoken to Councillor Paul Valentine who chairs our Angus Police and Fire and Rescue sub-committee about this issue and I suggest people who have complained about bad parking in our town to do the same as the problem lies with the decision by Police Scotland.”