Show respect to our elders

One of the events which Montrose Churches Together organise is for most of the churches in the town to take a service on a Sunday afternoon in the sheltered courts and nursing homes for a few months each year.

Having either taken or participated in these services for a few years now, I can vouch how enjoyable and uplifting they are.

There are usually four of five members of the church, including someone to play piano, guitar or keyboard, with a few of the residents gathered together.

We start with a word of welcome and prayer, followed by a short talk, a reading from the bible, a poem, interspersed with three or four suitable hymns.

Then, after a word of thanks, the residents with a little help, serve everyone a cup of tea and biscuits. During this time we get a chance to share and care news and concerns.

Although I am no spring chicken myself, it always good to learn and be inspired by these older residents. At one service recently, it was awesome when one partially-sighted lady, when asked to chose a hymn, picked ‘If to the hills will life my eyes’. Wonderful!

I try to remember too, the words of the late Mrs Phyllis McCormack in her poem ‘Look Closer’ when she speaks as though it were herself as an oldy lady, being “uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes”.

She then goes on to tell you to “look closer” - that this lady was once young and full of hope and there is more to her than what you see now.

We should never take those older than us for granted and should show respect for the lives they have lived and the wisdom they can impart.

Happy Easter.

Joan Christie

Knox’s UF Church