Showing Nordoff Robbins support

Nigel Don, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, recently showed his support for a national music charity Nordoff Robbins which is dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults through musical therapy.

Nigel met Janet Halton, music therapist and executive director, in Parliament where he learned of the work of the charity. Nordoff Robbins helps people with a range of challenges from autism, dementia and depression to life threatening and terminal illnesses such as cancer.

Nordoff Robbins has found that in all these challenges Music Therapy has improved the quality of life of people.

Nordoff Robbins is currently the UK’s biggest music therapy provider and delivers over 50,000 sessions across the UK every year in various places including care homes, hospitals and schools, and they are currently working on bring music therapy to people in local areas.

Nigel Don told the Review: “As a musician myself I understand the impact music can have on our mental state, and our simple enjoyment of life.

“For some it is the most appropriate way to communicate their feelings and I commend the work done by Nordoff Robbins.”

For more information about Nordoff Robbins

A spokesperson for the charity said: “We use music therapy and other music services to help a range of people with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury, depression and life-threatening or terminal illnesses, such as cancer. All of the people we help have one uniting factor - music dramatically improves their quality of life.

“We provide professional Masters training for music therapists, along with various short courses and workshops which are open to everyone interested in learning more about music and well-being.

“Our Research work is building the evidence for music therapy and helps us inform and train the practitioners of the future.

“We are part of an international network of Nordoff Robbins organisations all drawing inspiration from the innovative work of our founders Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins.

“No other organisation uses music to reach so many people, in so many contexts, with such consistently high levels of expertise. The power of music affects us all – through Nordoff Robbins it can transform lives. We’ve been training music therapists since 1974. Our Masters-level training is world-renowned as a gold standard in music therapy training.”