Six new venues in town for MoFest


On top of the arena on East Links that MoFest are building for the Status Quo concert they have announced six new venues for this year’s event.

Next month, Roos Leap, The Caledonia Golf Club, The Mercantile Golf Club, The Royal Montrose Golf Club, The Quay restaurant and Montrose Football Club will join the long list of venues that host acts across Montrose for the annual festival.

The six new sites brings the total venues for this year’s Montrose Music Festival (MoFest) to 26.

With the focus being on the East Links this year for the Status Quo concert on Friday, May 23, the MoFest team decided it was “perfect” opportunity to get the venues in that area involved in the event.

Festival chairman David Paton said: “This is great news for MoFest as it allows us to push the boundaries out even further again and more than we thought we could.

“We’ve got a lot more people attending the festival than usual this year.

“The new places will allow people to mingle down from the High Street events and back up again and will spread the acts out across the town.

“We’ve wanted to get the golf courses in Montrose involved in hosting bands for a few years because they can hold a lot of people.”

He added: “Last year people said some of the places were unbearably busy, so we needed to break it up a bit.

“We want to try and make MoFest as comfortable as possible for everyone, so this year there will be some quieter venues, as well as the more lively ones. There will be something for everybody.”

As well as hosting bands, Roos Leap will be having barbecue for the Quo concert.

There are still tickets left for Status Quo, available from

The MoFest team are hoping to start announcing the rest of the line up for this year’s event in the next few weeks.