Skatepark plea

THE YOUNG people of Hillside have put in a plea for a skatepark to be included in plans for the redeveloped Sunnyside site.

Jim Atkinson, a member of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council, told Wednesday’s meeting that he had been approached by youngsters asking this could be done.

He suggested a petition, and before very long a 100-name document, somewhat informal in its construction, had been handed to him.

Chairman Kitty Ritchie said she thought it was an excellent idea, and added that the skatepark at the seafront always seems to be busy. She believed that leisure facilities should be incorporated in any development.

Mr Atkinson said he would ask the youngsters and their mums to submit a more formal petition to Angus Council.

A development plan has been accepted by the Scottish Executive, but no detailed application has been submitted.