Sky dive for Angus girl

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A caring Angus mother will be sky diving to raise money for her six-year-old daughter who suffers from a rare condition.

Linzi Jack (26) will be jumping out of a plane in Errol, Perthshire, to raise fund’s for her daughter Jet, along with Jet’s grandmother Yvonne Whitworth (50) on Sunday (August 10).

The family are from Montrose but have recently moved to Brechin.

Jet has a rare condition called Micro-deletion of Long Arm Chromosome Two, which means she has part of her chromosome missing.

Doctors believe no other cases of the part of the DNA that Jet has missing have been recorded.

The condition affects her ability to speak and move freely, eat and drink.

She also suffers from autism and epilepsy.

Linzi said: “When Jet was born the doctors said that she had part of her chromosome missing and that it was rare but they had seen it before in other children.

“They told me that many families with similar children had gone on to live full lives.

“As she got older the doctors said that Jet’s symptoms weren’t like that of other children who have missing chromosomes. They found out that she has a different part missing.

“When I was on holiday I saw a documentary about a geneticist in Australia, so I sent him an e-mail. He replied saying he had looked into reports and research to try and find other cases like Jet but said he couldn’t find any because it is likely it has never been recorded.

“Jet can’t talk, she makes sounds, but she doesn’t really communicate with anyone. She doesn’t make a noise to let me know she can’t reach a toy or wants something.

“She doesn’t eat or drink and is fed milk through a tube in her stomach.

“She can eat pureed food and she does on occasions, but she isn’t interested in food.”

Jet recently took her visit steps.

Linzi added: “The sky dive is to raise money for sensory equipment, brain wave and oxygen therapy for Jet.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but now it is coming close to it I’m nervous.”

Jet is in Primary Two at Lochside Primary in Montrose. Linzi said: “She loves going to school and the staff and teachers are fantastic with her.”

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