Sleeping Beauty awakes in Arbroath

THE PANTOMIME season continues locally with Sleeping Beauty at the Webster Memorial Theatre in Arbroath.

The show stars Gary Tank Commander’s Robert Jack and Radio Tay’s Graeme Waggott, and runs until Thursday, December 27.

Beauty falls into a sleep lasting one hundred years, after pricking her thumb on an old spinning

Who can save Beauty and cut through the wild forest that has grown up covering her castle?

A dashing Prince, played by Gary Tank Commander’s and River City’s Paul James Corrigan, helped by Bobby Bio (Gary Tank Commander’s Robert Jack), his bumbling sidekick from the local garden centre?

Romance, slapstick, beautiful signing and exquisite costumes, all merge into top-class professional family entertainment that is Sleeping

This year’s Webster Theatre Panto is being produced by NLP Theatre, whose production of Singin’ I’m No A Billy. He’s a Tim by Des Dillon became Scottish Theatre’s biggest success story of recent times, with over 75% of the people who came to see the Billy & Tim show having never been to a theatre before.

Ticket details from the box office on box office 01241 435800.