Slimmers lose weight and help charity

Karen Drever, Pat Mensa, 'Cat' Susan Steel, Carmen Glasby and Meg Hendry.
Karen Drever, Pat Mensa, 'Cat' Susan Steel, Carmen Glasby and Meg Hendry.

A group of big-hearted slimmers from Montrose have done their bit for the local community and their own health by taking part in a sponsored slim to raise money for two charities.

Members of the Montrose Slimming World group, which is held every Thursday at The Occasions Suite, Bridge Street, took part in a national ‘Slim for Good’ campaign running across all 11,000 Slimming World groups in the UK and Ireland.

The aim of the six-week drive, which kicked off in February, was to help people to lose weight and improve their health while raising money for a good cause in their local area.

The Montrose group voted to support The Montrose and Brechin Cat Protection and The Edinburgh Royal Sick Kids Friends Foundation - who helped Brechin girl Hannah Church (12), who has scoliosis, while she was at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children - because they meant something to many of the members.

Carmen Glasby, who runs the group, said: “New Year’s resolutions can often become a bit of a distant memory by late February and the motivation that you might have had at the start of January can begin to dip.

“If anyone was feeling that way, we hoped getting sponsored to slim would give them the lift they needed. When it’s for a cause close to your heart, like the two we picked, it’s even more of a push.

“We know that making healthy lifestyle changes to the way you eat and your activity levels makes a big difference to you, including improving your health and confidence, but it also impacts on your family and friends too as they enjoy the ‘new you’ and often get encouraged to become healthier themselves.

“Now, thanks to ‘Slim for Good’, members were also be able to benefit their wider local community by raising funds for our charities. Their weight-loss will literally become Hannah and the Cat Protection’s gain!”

On behalf of the The Edinburgh Royal Sick Kids Friends Foundation Hannah and Hayden Church received a cheque for £435 and representatives from Montrose and Brechin Cat Protection received £90.

For more information, call Carmen on 01674 677788.