Solid support for two flyovers at Laurencekirk

The options were set out at a public exhibition in Laurencekirk last month
The options were set out at a public exhibition in Laurencekirk last month

Councillors gave unanimous backing to an option that would see grade separated junctions at both ends of Laurencekirk.

Members of the public have been given the chance to have their say on options to tackle the issue of the accident blackspot at the junction where the A90 meets the A937 Montrose road at the south end of the town, and a public exhibition outlined seven possible outcomes.

Opinions are currently being sought on the best solution to the problem of the notorious south A937/A90 junction, with seven different proposals being put forward at a public exhibition organised by Nestrans and Transport Scotland.

Members of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee were asked to give their comments, and all 12 said that they would back option seven - which is one of only two proposals to offer grade separated junctions at both the north and south ends of Laurencekirk.

The seventh package would also include part closure of the centre junction on the A90.

Mearns Councillor George Carr said: “Option seven seems to be the best one. Mearns Community Council had a really good discussion about it, and they are also in favour of this proposal.

“There are very severe problems at the south junction, while at the north end there has been approval to develop the area. So two junctions seem to be the most sensible way forward.”

Councillor Graeme Clark added: “Option seven would be the one I would prefer also. Every option except one includes a new junction at the south.

‘‘There is going to be development in the north, so you would really need a junction there to avoid extra traffic on the High Street.”

Last month, video footage of a bus crossing the junction from the Montrose road which blocked the southbound carriage of the A90 went viral.

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