South Links Holiday Park left like a ‘building site’

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South Links Holiday Park in Montrose has been left like a “building site” after Angus Council evicted long-term residents.

At the end of March, the local authority served 20 residents of South Links with eviction notices, giving them two weeks to prove the park was not their primary residence.

As a result, four residents up-rooted their static caravans and left the site.

Last year the site went into administration and Angus Council regained control of the park from WOW Leisure who had operated it since 2009.

Fiona Hutchison, who rents out a caravan on the site to holidaymakers, said under WOW Leisure’s control the site went from a two-star to a four-star park.

She said: “The site was immaculate and very popular with holidaymakers who came back year after year.

“Since the evictions it has been left looking like a building site, which is not conducive to pleasing holidaymakers. Apart from looking a mess it is a major heath and safety concern.

“With it being a holiday park you are going to have lots of children running around and when I was down last week there were two little boys playing among the wood and rubble - the wood had long nails sticking out, which could inflict serious injury to a young child.

“I had a complaint from a gentleman renting our caravan about the state of the site.

“The council intends to charge the same annual fee as WOW Leisure without providing any of the services and leaving the site looking like a tip. I think the council needs to be held to account for its actions, it has ruined what was a beautiful holiday park and has treated the people who were living there and the people with businesses with nothing but contempt.

“When I complained over the telephone I was told if I wasn’t happy I could take my caravan elsewhere. How is that promoting business in Montrose?”

A council spokesperson said: “Four caravans whose owners were served with eviction notices have now moved off site. A number of others have provided proof of permanent residence elsewhere and we continue to work closely and positively with the remainder with a view to their being able to provide and produce the legally required evidence about their primary residence.

‘‘Each case is being assessed according to its own individual circumstances.

‘‘Both wardens and contractors have been working to tidy sites and maintain the park. Caravan owners have also been advised of their responsibilities in this regard.”