Special review to look into Montrose boy’s death

Leylan Kai Fort
Leylan Kai Fort

A special review looking into the tragic death of a Montrose youngster is to be conducted in May.

Four-and-a-half-year-old Leylan Kai Fort passed away on April 27, 2015, after rapidly going downhill over the course of a weekend.

Pictured with Leanne and Wayne, Leylan's mum and dad, are family and friends who supported the bingo event, Gary, Gemma, Gail and Leylan's sister Rhogan.

Pictured with Leanne and Wayne, Leylan's mum and dad, are family and friends who supported the bingo event, Gary, Gemma, Gail and Leylan's sister Rhogan.

His parents, Leanne Smith (38) and Wayne Fort (48), found out two weeks before Christmas that their son died from dehydration, gastroenteritis and the norovirus.

His parents say they rang NHS 24 several times over the weekend and were repeatedly told a doctor would not be sent out.

A doctor from their local GPs was called out on Monday, April 27, and after seeing Leylan ‘phoned for an ambulance immediately, but sadly he died in the vehicle outside his house.

Now a Significant Clinical Event Analysis (SCEA) looking into the youngster’s death is to be held on May 9.

These events are a way for the NHS to formally analyse incidents - such as unexpected deaths, delayed or missed diagnoses, medication errors or communication failures - that may have implications for patient care.

Leanne and Wayne will have the chance to meet with someone from the SCEA team prior to the review.

Leanne said: “This is good for Leylan. It gives me a bit of hope.

“This might give me a bit of closure if something comes out of it.”

Leylan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of two-and-a-half and his parents have been raising money to buy a bench to place in his favourite play park at the disabled play area at the Seafront Splash on Montrose’s beach front to mark the anniversary of his death this month.

They held a bingo night in The Picture House family bar on Friday, which raised £435 towards the £1000 needed for the seat and a plaque. Before the evening, the family had already raised £1115.

The extra money will be donated to bereavement charity The Compassionate Friends.

After reading Leylan’s story in the Review, local stonemasons, Lorraine and Craig Smith, offered to pay the full amount for the seat.

Lorraine said: “Our thoughts and sincere sympathies go to Leylan’s family.

“We would like to put the Welsh Dragon and Ddraig (Ddraig is dragon in Welsh) on the back of the bench if possible as my husband is Welsh and would like to show the people of Montrose that this kind of tragedy touches people from near and far and that although he is not from the town the people here have made him feel so welcome.

“He wants to show his gratitude and give something back.

“We would also love to pay for any plaque of Leylan’s family’s choosing for the front of the bench.”

Leylan’s parents cried at the Smith’s generosity.

Leanne said: “I’m overwhelmed and humbled that someone would want to do that for us. It’s absolutely crazy. I’m just lost for words.

“It shows how there are people out there that have big hearts like us.

“Having been in the position I have been in if I had the money I would do it for someone else in a heartbeat.”