Speed bumps approved

20 mph speed limit on Blackfriars Street in Montrose
20 mph speed limit on Blackfriars Street in Montrose

More than £16,000 will be spent on four speed bumps outside a Montrose school despite there being a legally enforceable speed limit in place.

Even though there was a lack of public demand and a vote which split Angus councillors, the local authority will be spending £16,500 on the traffic calming measures outside St Margaret’s Primary School, on Blackfriars Street.

A 20 mph speed limit was introduced down the road as part of the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ scheme earlier in the year.

There are 20 mph hour signs and flashing lights outside St Margaret’s, making the speed legally enforceable.

But Angus Council officers said the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ scheme is not stopping drivers speeding down the street.

One councillor who objected the bumps was Bill Duff.

He said: “My argument was that the speed bumps won’t add anything.

“There are already measures in place that reduce speed on that street, as well as the 20 mph speed limit, which is legally enforceable because of the flashing lights, there are natural calming measures.

“You can’t go more than five mph around the corner of North Esk Road and there is a similar corner near Guthrie Bros car dealers at the other end.”

He added that the speed bumps were “too expensive” and “not a good use of money”.

It is understood that council leader Iain Gaul also objected to the traffic calming measures.

Out of 175 letters the Roads Business Unit delivered to residents asking if they were in favour of the proposed speed bumps down Blackfriars Street only 30 people replied with 21 in favour (70 per cent) and 9 against (30 per cent).

Speed bumps will also be installed on Durham Street in Monifieth.