Speed reduction is “not working”

Councillor David May has called for action on at the Laurencekirk junction after nearly 6,000 drivers were caught speeding.

Mr May said: “The facts from NESCAMP show that the speed limit reduction at the Laurencekirk junction is not working as nearly 6,000 drivers have been caught speeding there in a 12-month period.”

The speed limit was reduced by the Scottish Government from 70 mph to 50 mph in the hope that this would improve safety on the A90 Aberdeen to Dundee road near Laurencekirk but the statistics from NESCAMP show 5,923 broke the speed limit in the last 12 months, with one motorist clocked at 103 mph.

A NESCAMP spokesperson said: “It is disappointing to note that in 2013, our safety cameras at Laurencekirk were triggered almost 6,000 times by vehicles exceeding the speed limit. While these include some fire and rescue, ambulance and police vehicles responding to emergency situations, the clear majority consists of drivers breaking the law.

“Some vehicles exceeded the limit by 50 percent, 75 percent and even 100 percent.

“With a dozen varying signs warning drivers on the A90 heading south of a change of speed limit – and even more heading north – the level of awareness of these drivers, let alone their noncompliance, is a cause for concern.”

Mr May added: “It is hard to believe that added to the fact that the Transport Scotland have ignored the traffic from Montrose in their survey. Surely now, when the Scottish Government is presented with this new evidence, they will realise there is a need for action now at what is clearly a very dangerous junction.

“I have commented previously that the vast majority of traffic crossing the junction comes from Angus and every day thousands of cars as well as hauliers use the junction.”