Spring gales surprise town


GALES blasted Montrose and district on Monday - exactly as the forecasters said would happen.

Our picture shows just one of the incidents in town during the morning, when this tree snapped at its base and landed on a car parked in Strathmore Place.

One of the most serious instances of damage was to the roof of the Neptune Bar, where a large quantity of lead was blown down in the evening.

There were numerous reports of fences blowing over.

Tayside Police issued numerous warnings during the day, and advised drivers to beware of trees being blown down. They added that because they are heavy in leaf, the wind does not go through them as happens in the winter.

By the time the gale blew itself out, the town’s streets and pavements were littered with leaves, twigs and limbs, some large enough to need several people to shift them or be sawn up before the debris could be moved. Drivers had to take extra care.

Two trees in Green Park lost sizeable branches.

Hanging baskets suffered badly, with many being emptied of their contents.

A number of garden fences were blown down.

The main Montrose to Forfar road was blocked by a tree down at a turn-off for Dun.

A school bus, taking pupils home from Montrose Academy, had to turn back and parents were asked to collect their children as best they could. Wind speeds were reported as being 60 to 70 mph, although gusting stronger.

When our reporters took to the streets, they were alarmed to see the difficulties some people were having in keeping their feet.