St Cyrus Gala Week heading towards the great day itself!

THE CLIMAX of this year’s St Cyrus Gala Week will be Gala Day on Saturday (June 23).

It will include a demonstration of birds of prey, as well as bouncy castles, kangaroo suits and a climbing wall which is also suitable for children.

There are lots of stalls, face-painters, stilt walkers/jugglers as well as the usual beer tent, burger stall, tea ‘n’cake tent where tasty homebakes are served, and the hogroast.

Kirsty will have the Comet Van for young people and LIMITS All Stars and Esk Academy Dance will be dancing.

Indie rock band The Tone is playing and Mearns FM will do the announcements and provide background music. Local BMX riders will be performing their stunts in the arena And there are the old faithfuls like ferrets, wellie-wanging and the tug-o’-war.

The local postie will go in the stocks again to raise funds for the Christmas lights.

But before that, tonight (Wednesday), there will be the St Cyrus Primary School football tournament. Meet at the tuck shop from 6pm.

And tomorrow there will be 90 minutes of all-action football as the Old Lads take on the Young Whippersnappers at Ecclesgreig Park. Kick-off is at 7pm and all are welcome. Last year the young lads walked it, so due to a shortfall in suitably-aged players the age has been dropped from 25 to 22.

Friday will be spent setting up the gala for the following day, so volunteers are welcome to assist with that task!

And looking ahead to June 30, the St Cyrus Hotel will host Ladies’ Day.