Stats for Scotland’s lifeboats

THE RNLI has issued statistics for each of their Scottish lifeboats during 2011.

The all-weather Montrose boat was launched on 10 occasions, and assisted a total of seven people. The inshore boat also had 10 launches, and it assisted one person. Six of the 20 launches were in the hours of darkness.

The boats were in action at sea for a total of 120 hours, and the crew did 666 hours’ exercises at sea.

Throughout Scotland, the RNLI launched, on average, 20 lifeboats each week in 2011.

It was the RNLI’s sixth busiest year in Scotland, with 1,006 launches in Scotland during which 847 people were rescued.

This compares with 2010 where there were 1011 launches with 916 people rescued.

The busiest lifeboat station in Scotland was Broughty Ferry, where the RNLI’s two lifeboats launched a total of 104 times, a record-breaking year for the volunteers at the station on the outskirts of Dundee. More than a third of those launches were during the hours of darkness.