Status Quo rock Montrose

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Three-chord rock legends Status Quo were rocking all over Montrose as they kicked off this year’s Montrose Music Festival.

Revellers donned on their double denim, leather jackets and brought along their air guitars to see Quo perform on the East Links on Friday (May 23).

Status Quo rocked the East Links

Status Quo rocked the East Links

Edinburgh-based band The Holy Ghosts got everyone in the mood as the support act.

The crowd roared as Status Quo stepped on stage and opened with 1973 top five hit ‘Caroline’.

Despite the cold and frontman Francis Rossi saying he couldn’t feel his fingers at one point, the band put on a thrilling show and had everyone singing and dancing as they played more than 20 of their hits.

They ripped through a packed set of the well-known songs like ‘In The Army Now’, ‘Down Down’ and ‘Whatever You Want’.

Quo closed the show with ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’, which had everyone from teenagers, young couples to hardcore Quo fans jumping and singing along.

But as the band left the stage, the crowd began to shout “encore”, and not wanting to disappoint their fans they came back on stage and belted out a couple more songs.

As the UK rock legends finished their set and left the stage, the air filled with booms and bangs as an impressive firework display over Montrose Golf Links lit up the sky, closing the evening.

David Paton, festival chairman, said: “There are very few words that can describe how amazing Friday night was.

“The arena was buzzing, the sun was shining again for us and the nearby clubs were also packed out with people listening in. It felt like the entire town was down enjoying the event.

“The public loved it. The comments coming back are simply amazing and this makes our jobs all worth while. The pictures and videos on our Facebook page are showing how much everyone enjoyed the gig.

“Some of us met the band before the gig during the day and they were extremely complimentary about the town and especially about the effort the shop keepers went into this year decorating the windows. I have heard since that they really enjoyed playing for us even though they were a bit chilly when they got on stage.”

The East Links was packed for the sell-out gig with almost 5,000 revellers in the specially made arena.

Quo fans who hadn’t managed to bag themselves a ticket also turned out in their numbers with around 200 people watching the concert from outside the arena.

David said: “There have been a small amount of comments about this. Personally, I thought it was fantastic to see so many people round the site enjoying the music even though the view was fairly limited.

“We had tried to put the covers on the fencing, however the wind in the morning was causing fences to fall over and we had to ensure public safety and removed the scrim.

“We have a few ideas how to reduce this for next year around the immediate arena area, however stopping it is almost impossible for an open site with the dunes so high next to it!”

David said the question on everyone’s lips is how can they top Quo in the Mo next year?

“I think we can, our friends at LCC Live and I have already had discussions about developing the headline Friday night gig and even discussed potential headliners, and from those talks I would say yes, we can top it,” he concluded.