Steaming through ... !

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THE GRAND days of steam trains were echoed on Wednesday when puff-chuffing old ladies of that era passed through Montrose railway station.

The Great Britain VI Tour takes passengers on various routes throughout the United Kingdom, and the engines have been greeted by large crowds everywhere.

The engines pulling their contemporary coaches through Montrose were in the morning travelling north, Black V 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier; and at about 5pm on the return journey the streamlined 60009 Union of South Africa.

The tour had left Edinburgh at 10am, with Aberdeen the destination.

Word spread like wildfire, and groups of photographers and interested spectators were waiting patiently for the trains, which appeared on time.

Union of South Africa last steamed in regular service in 1964 and is owned by a Fife businessman, John Cameron, who also owns 61994, The Great Marquess, which was involved in another part of the tour.

Spectators at Dundee were thrilled to see a steam locomotive once again crossing the Tay Bridge.