Stroke Club holds annual general meeting

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The chairman opened the annual general meeting of the Montrose Stroke Club by thanking the outgoing committee for their hard work during the year and welcoming Caroline Peter (C.H.S.S. support worker) to the meeting.

The chairman went on to report that the membership had increased and congratulated members for their support and 100 percent attendance to the club.

The treasurer continued remembering and thanking the business of the town, including the Basin City Boot Stompers, Masonic Lodge, Darts League, GSK, Baptist Church Ladies of Action, to name but a few, all of whom, have donated very generously to the club.

Also the business and their customers for contributing to the collection cans in their premises.

Lastly, the members themselves, who continue to support and donate to the club in various ways; money, raffle gifts, tea, coffee etc.

The group are very grateful to all of the speakers for their story telling, interesting and entertaining talks and giving valued information, with no payment to themselves.

The group are grateful to the Montrose Bowling Club for their continued help and assistance throughout the year.

The club are currently making plans for a summer trip to Deep Sea world with a specially-adapted bus being provided for wheelchair users.

The new office bearers were then elected with the only change being the chair person and vice chair persons.

With the business meeting closes, Caroline Peter then presented volunteers and committee members with a certificate for their work.

Caroline commented: “This is how much the volunteers and committee members are appreciated.”

Caroline then congratulated all club members for making the Montrose Stroke Club a happy and successful place to be.

A table of goodies was then enjoyed by all.