Success for Montrose Partnership initiatives

A Montrose Partnership meeting took place on May 11 in The Conference Room at The Links Hotel.

The Town Centre Regeneration sub-group has disbanded as the agenda items in their remit have been executed with the installation of The Montrose Library railings the last.

Members hope this will motivate other groups to come forward with their visions for Montrose, as together it can be made to happen. Our beautiful town deserves it.

There has been another run on the printing of the popular Montrose Heritage Trail leaflets and these are available in the Tourist Information outlets throughout Angus, including Montrose museum and tea rooms, coffee shops and tourist accommodation in Montrose, if there are any other outlets interested in stocking the leaflets, please get in touch. The leaflet has some fascinating historical facts about Montrose and is a fun way of exploring our fabulous town. We are hoping to include further additions in the future, for example, the ‘Medicine Well’ and the ‘Town Wall’ have been highlighted as historical features in Montrose, if there is any information and photographs in memory boxes anywhere, please let the Partnership know.

The Montrose golf courses have had changes which will enable some to play the great game who otherwise might, in the past, have found it difficult. It is now possible to play a nine-hole round.

The Montrose Air Station is going from strength to strength, with much activity from different groups accessing its education room. Local schools and youth groups are finding this local gem invaluable to ensure young people’s enthusiasm for history is not lost as they experience life during the world wars and not just read about it. A visit from Russia has been very exciting and this has been as a result of the Russian Pilots who came to Montrose to train during the war.

The Montrose Academy bicentenary celebrations will be in full swing during the weekend of June 19 and 20. There will be a roller disco, various stalls, an exhibition and tour of the school, providing an opportunity for us to go back in time and experience a school day in a 19th century classroom.

‘What’s on in Montrose’ is now an online service and any events can be listed on it, so get in touch to have your event, organisation or meeting displayed.

The next meeting of the Montrose Partnership will take place on July 13 at 7 pm in the Education Office, John Street, Montrose. All are welcome for tea, biscuits and discussions about Montrose.

The Montrose Postcard

The Montrose Partnership is delighted to announce the release of a postcard with many images and information about Montrose.

The postcards are complimentary and are to be used as a way of advertising this wonderful town to encourage a continuing stream of tourists.

The postcards can be found in many of the tourist areas in Montrose so please, pick some up and send them to friends and family worldwide just to remind them what they are missing.

The postcards have been provided from partnership funds and any feedback will be valued as we hope that this can be a continuous service Montrose can provide.