Super-fit Montrose duo hope to squash world record

Mark James and Peter Buchan
Mark James and Peter Buchan

Two super-fit Montrose squash fanatics are trying to beat the world record for the longest squash rally.

Angus taxi driver Mark James will once again be swapping his steering wheel for a squash racket, this time with the help of a friend.

In June 2015, the Montrosian played 78 matches over 22 hours, beating the previous total of 69 matches played over 32 hours.

Now Mark, a taxi driver in Arbroath, and Peter Buchan, who works for Premier Oil in Aberdeen, will be trying to beat the world record for the longest squash rally at Montrose Sports Centre on Sunday at 1pm.

The official record stands at 1000 shots, achieved in Malaysia.

The pair are no strangers to the sport - Mark is a masters internationalist and squash professional and Peter is Scotland masters internationalist and Scotland squash masters over 45s number 1.

Mark said: “The training we have done has been over a period of six months because Peter and I play so much competitive team and individual squash we manage to maintain the fitness.

“For the sport, we have been concentrating on the record itself, playing as many non-stop squash rallies without any mistakes, training for two hours four times a week.

“We have unofficially broke it twice. This record is not about time, although Guinness World Record guidelines ask for a digital clock for a recorded time. It takes around 35 minutes, which is a very long time without any mistakes.”

The duo will be raising money for Nyumbani Scotland, which raises both funds and awareness for HIV+ orphans in Kenya, and Peter’s company is sponsoring a £1 for each shot achieved.

Last year, Mark raised a total of £8000, which is paying for the building of two classrooms for the Nyumbani village children.