Survey shows Montrose wants a cinema

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More than 3,100 people in Montrose and the surrounding area are backing the project to bring a cinema to the town.

Locals and school pupils were surveyed with 99 per cent of them saying they would like to see a cinema in the burgh.

The results of the survey will help the Montrose Playhouse Project committee prove to potential investors that there is a want and need for a picture house in the area.

Trevor Eakin, chairman, said: “This proves beyond any doubt that the community really want this to happen.

“Not just in one age bracket but everyone from primary school pupils to pensioners.

“This concept would bring a multitude of benefits to the town, one of them being that in a town the size of Montrose the addition of a cinema and cultural hub would increase property values as it makes it an even more desirable place to live.

“The support for the project has been amazing and still continues to grow.

“Just this weekend we have had a further 80 followers on our Facebook page.

“We are now at an extremely exciting stage in our plans and we can see a lot beginning to happen over the next few months.

“We as a group are in no doubt that if we can continue to get the residents and businesses behind this project then it will happen and it will benefit everyone.”

The survey revealed that 94 per cent of those questioned regularly go to the cinema, but have to travel to Aberdeen or Dundee.

Montrose Playhouse Project plan to turn the former swimming pool in the town, on the Mall, into a three-screen cinema.

They were awarded planning permission for the building earlier in the year.