Tale of sit in over redundancy

STRATHMORE Cricket Club is the next venue for Forfar Dramatic Society, who are staging award winning playwright Frank McGuinness’s play, The Factory Girls, from Tuesday November 13 to Friday, November 16.

Written in 1982, The Factory Girls tells the story of five women facing the threat of redundancy, who stage a lock-in in a shirt factory in Co. Donegal.

The play centres on female solidarity and industrial unrest, after their bullish boss threatens them with redundancy. McGuinness, whose mother and other female relatives worked in Donegal’s shirt factories, gives the women humour, anger and sharpness.

It may be a fault in realistic terms that they all have the gift of the gab; most have a biting wit and the quality of the crack is all the more enjoyable for those listening in.

The characters have tongues that could tar roads, with the language certainly that of the factory floor and the evening’s chief pleasure lies in their workplace banter and bickering.

Dour marriages, tedious, repetitive tasks and low status pale into second place as the women learn to take strength from each other. There will be many familiarities that factory workers everywhere will recognise.

The Factory Girls is hugely enjoyable, funny and touching, and is sure to provide an excellent evening’s entertainment.

Tickets are priced at £8 with a concession costing £6. They are easily reserved by emailing forfardramatic@live.co.uk, phoning 077834 81259 or by popping into the Box Office at the Toy Castle, 86 Castle Street, Forfar (closed Thursdays).

The Society will follow this production with Things That Go Bump in The Vine at The Vine and Monkey in West High Street, Forfar from Tuesday, December 18 to Thursday, December 20.