Tayside health bosses say there are no plans to close Montrose Infirmary

Montrose Infirmary
Montrose Infirmary

There are no plans to close Montrose Infirmary, say Tayside health bosses.

NHS Tayside closed infirmary on Bridge Street closed on April 24 due to heating issues.

As a result, an oily substance has settled on surfaces throughout the hospital from when the heating system failed, blowing a soot-like substance through the air filter system.

Dr Margaret McGuire, director of nursing, said: “We know that the services provided at the infirmary are valued by the communities in and around Montrose.

“We would like to reassure the communities in and around Montrose that NHS Tayside Board has made no decision to close Montrose Infirmary.

“The safety of our patients and staff remains paramount and we are doing everything we can to move to a position where Montrose Infirmary is safe for both patients and staff.

“The water, heating and filtration systems are undergoing a full environmental and system review and this week we have been checking the chimney structures and re-testing the heating system.

“As we previously said, we have taken water samples for quality testing as it is critical to ensure there is no risk to patients or staff from the water.

“These samples will not be back from the laboratory until the week commencing Monday, May 26 and this will be important for us in taking decisions moving forwards.

“Teams from the Estates Department and our Support Services Department have been on site again this week to tackle the oily substance which has settled on surfaces throughout the hospital from when the heating system failed blowing a soot-like substance through the air filter system.

“They are due to return to the infirmary on Monday to undertake another clean.”

Nigel Don, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, met with members of the public concerned about the current closure of Montrose Infirmary and the lack of communication from NHS Tayside as to its reopening today (May 23).

He said: “While it is clear that there have been serious technical issues that have resulted in the short term closure of the Infirmary my constituents simply want reassurance that the Infirmary will re-open when appropriate works have been completed.

“I would urge that NHS Tayside make a statement that this is the case to reassure the many women and their families that make use of this excellent facility.

“The worry about the uncertainty of how long the Infirmary will be closed for is not just about women having to travel to Arbroath to give birth, which in itself causes a great deal of anxiety.

“But there are also concerns for the wider community that use the Infirmary for groups as well, many of which offer a support network for women and families before and after giving birth.

“I have raised the issue of the continued closure of the Infirmary directly with the Cabinet Secretary for Health and I am confident that his officials are in discussion with NHS Tayside.”

Ante-natal and post-natal maternity services continue to be provided at the Links Health Centre in Montrose by the local midwifery team.

Mothers-to-be continue to be advised of the transfer of maternity services for the birth of their babies to Arbroath Community Maternity Unit at Arbroath Infirmary.

The Montrose midwives are based at the Links and at Arbroath Maternity Unit.

Since the transfer of services, there have been 13 babies whose mothers would have given birth at Montrose, born in Arbroath.

If any mum-to-be has any queries or concerns about any aspect of their care they can contact a midwife by calling the Arbroath Community Maternity Unit on 01241 822537.

They can also call the Montrose Community Midwife mobile between 8am and 6pm on 07740 937636.