Teacher shortage worse in Montrose

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Retired teacher and Lib Dem Councillor David May is deeply concerned about the current teacher shortage.

Cllr May says it is welcome to see in council papers that Angus teacher numbers are in a far better position than last year.

He continues: “However, it is still the case that we are 6.8 teachers short in primary schools overall across Angus. This is being covered by supply staff and schools internally through their promoted staff. It means that promoted staff are not able to do the job they were promoted to do.

“Secondary pupils have less choice and some cannot do courses and subjects they wish to for their future careers.

“Overall in September we are five full-time teachers short in secondary and four of these are in Montrose Academy.

“I know this staffing shortage is not confined to Angus but across Scotland. The blame for this teacher shortage lies clearly with the education minister.”

Mr May says the minister and his predecessors failed to monitor or encourage the numbers going into teacher training.

He concludes by hoping that the education minister can now be persuaded to increase the numbers going into teacher training, especially in the shortage subjects.