“Teething problems” for new bin scheme in Montrose

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The new bin and recycling system that was introduced into Montrose last month is expected to have “teething problems”.

Angus Council’s Kerbside Recycling Scheme was rolled out in October in Montrose, Brechin and the surrounding area. This was the last part of Angus to receive the scheme, following a trial in the county in 2012.

Councillor David May said: “I have had several people making contact me with various issues about the new recycling system.

“They have realised that the next few weeks there will be teething problems and in my contacts with the officers leading this introduction have been very helpful and have responded directly both to me and the people who raised their concerns with me.

“It seems that the stickers on the new bins are very helpful as we get used to the new system, which will mean in the long run we will be able to recycle more and thus be able to play our own part in making best uses of natural resources.”

He added: “I still wish our government would meet the supermarkets to reduce the amount of packaging as a great deal of waste is caused by this.”

Angus Council has introduced the new scheme to 53,500 households across the county to encourage people tor recycle more.

The Scottish Government has set the local authority the task of recycling 60 per cent by 2020. Angus currently recycles 40 per cent.

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