That’s Entertainment: From the Jam to a town called Montrose

Russell Hastings and Bruce Foxton will play at Montrose Town Hall on January 15
Russell Hastings and Bruce Foxton will play at Montrose Town Hall on January 15

Russell Hastings says he is a very lucky man.

The lead singer of From The Jam has been a fan of live music since the age of five.

He first saw Paul Weller at age 12 then many times until The Jam split in 1982 but never dreamed he would one day be part of the band.

Russell says his favourite original tracks change constantly.

He said: “Yesterday it was a rare B side but today I’m loving ‘To be Someone’.”

From the Jam will be performing on stage at Montrose Town Hall on January 15.

Russell writes melodies on his iPhone, and says the lyrics come later.

Their latest album, which they are finishing recording in the studio, is called ‘Smash the Clock’.

It features ‘Pictures and Diamonds’ - a new song by Paul Weller himself.

Most of the songs on the new album have been co-written by Russell and Bruce Foxton, the original bass player of The Jam.

Russell said: “Bruce comes up with the riffs and I add my melodies, I’m all about the melody.”

I asked Russell what it was like to be singing in the same band and on the same album as the great man. He said: “At first it was too big to think about but as time has gone on it’s become more acceptable to me, I know I am lucky to sing these songs.

“Paul and I came from the same area, if I sound a bit like him it’s nothing forced from my end, they have always been my favourite band so I expect the singing style has rubbed off onto me.

“The band are really looking forward to playing Montrose.

“We prefer intimate gigs where we can get up close to the fans.

‘‘We love crowds of between 500 and 2000 and we play to fans across the board, new, retro, young and old.

“We’ve been touring all around the world recently and we’ve been well received in all countries but nothing beats Scotland for a good response and ‘up for it’ fans.”

“The last time we were here we headed up to Inverness where there was thick snow on the ground so we’ll be prepared for the Montrose January conditions.”