The case for Dubton Playpark

A DEPUTATION from Dubton, led by Emma Simpson, addressed Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council at their meeting on Wednesday at the village hall.

The subject was the inclusion of Dubton playpark on the list of parks that might have equipment removed and be grassed over.

Emma produced an impressive list of statistics to further the case for Dubton playpark equipment to stay.

She said there are 27 children in Dubton Terrace and Station Cottages, eight under the age of five, with a further 10 from Herwick.

Her research showed that 41 children use the playpark on a daily/weekly basis, as well as children from Hillside.

Children with a childminder use the park.

She wondered if Angus Council, faced with closing either Hillside or Dubton playparks, chose to retain the larger - but Dubton is actually rated more highly than the village facility.

Community Councillor Jim Atkinson reported the views of Angus Councillor David May, who had visited the Dubton Park on three occasions and found it well used each time.

Ann Angus Councillor Bill Duff said the play equipment at Dubton all appeared to be new, and he reckoned it had a 10 to 15-year life. He would oppose the park being grassed over.

The community council unanimously opposed the removal of play equipment from Dubton Park.