‘The Love Punch’ is a mixed mixture

Pierce Brosnan as Richard and Emma Thompson as Sophie. PA Photo.
Pierce Brosnan as Richard and Emma Thompson as Sophie. PA Photo.

Opening with a barman preparing a martini - shaken not stirred - The Love Punch is a ham-fisted caper that nods affectionately to leading man Pierce Brosnan’s years as James Bond.

Indeed, the film’s centre-piece jewel theft would have been effortlessly executed by 007 in minutes!

Somehow, the first-time criminals manage to throw grappling hooks up hundreds of feet to scale a mountainside in ill-fitting wet suits.

When the couple need sensitive information, they video conference their teenage son (Jack Wilkinson) and call upon his dubious talents as a hacker.

The Love Punch is not great art and the outcome is achingly predictable, but the on-screen chemistry of Brosnan (Richard Jones), and Emma Thompson (Kate Jones), fizzes and there are some hearty laughs amidst the nonsense.

The couple’s daughter Sophie (Tuppence Middleton) flies the nest for university, but Machiavellian French businessman Vincent Kruger (Laurent Lafitte) plunders the pension fund of Richard’s company, leaving the Joneses on the brink of financial ruin.

A trip to Paris to confront Kruger ends badly so Kate suggests they steal the hulking diamond necklace, which Kruger’s unsuspecting fiancee (Louise Bourgoin) is set to wear on their wedding day.

Blessed with a wonderful running joke about Jerry’s unlikely secret military past, The Love Punch won’t be troubling awards committees. It’s simplistic, lightweight fluff, but Thompson and Brosnan are an attractive pairing and they bring a veneer of class to proceedings, which is otherwise lacking in the writing and direction.