The new breed of complainer

I watched a programme the other night about so-called ‘super complainers’.

This interesting episode went inside the complaints department of Transport for London.

With over a million more people in the capital than 10 years ago, the city’s roads are fit to burst, and a new generation of complainers are turning up the heat.

The programme follows the back-and-forth between Transport for London (TFL) and London’s super-complainers, including an obsessive Tweeter and a cyclist who deploys a strange array of tools to defend his position on the road, including seven bike-mounted cameras!

The obsessive Tweeter was Tweeting every single negative thought they had regarding the company and the cyclist with all of the cameras had hundreds of hours of his daily commutes stored on his computer.

Some of the people who were complaining got a thrill out of getting a response and some were just downright nasty to the staff in the call centre,

I could see where some of these people were coming from with their complaints and sympathise with them.

But some people seriously need to get outside more and perhaps lighten up a wee bit!