The ongoing issue of legal highs

Legal highs are a cause for concern in Montrose.
Legal highs are a cause for concern in Montrose.

The shop which has opened up to replace High Life, ‘Evapeolution’, is causing residents fresh worries.

Local councillor David May has “deep concerns” following the recent opening of the shop due to the fact it too is selling so-called ‘legal highs’.

Mr May told the Review: “I have real deep concerns after I have been told that legal highs are still being sold in the town and as a result have contacted the police and the council’s environmental health department after worried residents brought the matter to my attention.

“The town’s legal highs store High Life closed its doors recently and was replaced by a new shop called Evapeolution which sells e-cigarettes.

“However, it has emerged from what I have been told that the same staff are working in ‘Evapeolution’ and legal highs are still being sold from the High Street outlet.”

Mr May spoke of his “delight” when the High Life shut its doors but is unhappy that the shop appears to have been opened under a different “guise”. He said: “I was delighted to hear High Life was closing but it appears to have been reopened again under a different guise.

“It would appear from anecdotal evidence that the shop is continuing to sell very similar products as it was before. I would now call on them to realise the adverse effect selling these things can have.

“Although they are legal, some of them are absolutely lethal. I have been back in touch with the police and environmental health but they are limited in what they can do.

“There is legislation but once a component is made illegal they simply tweak the ingredients.

“I have been told that recently three Taysiders were admitted to hospital after overdosing on a legal high called phenibut, giving them heart problems and confusion for 36 hours.”

Nigel Don, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, met with Chief Constable Sir Stephen House to ask him what is being done to prevent the sale of legal highs.

This is of interest to Nigel because of the recent re-opening of a store in Montrose which is selling dangerous substances but within weeks an electronic cigarette store had taken its place and continues to trade in other dangerous substances.

Mr Don said: “Although all drugs come with risks, in the case of these psychoactive substances it is particularly hard to treat any casualties as NHS staff have no idea what an individual has actually taken.”

Members of the public wishing to join ‘Montrose Against Legal Highs’ can search for the group on Facebook.