The other side of the story

IN THE current issue of the Review we tell how a local lady had been shocked by what she perceived to be a dog-owner allowing her animal to foul a local football pitch without picking anything up.

But the lady concerned, who was able to identify herself from the description given, has called to say that in reality things were far from what might have appeared.

She explained: “I carry dog-poo bags and use them at all times. Normally my dogs have done their business before even reaching that point in their walk.

“But the dog that was described is unwell and suffering badly from constipation. He had been squatting down, unsuccessfully, on a number of occasions before and after this.

“The lady was too far away to see if his squat had been ‘productive’. It was not.

“Indeed, he is still having veterinary treatment.”

The Review is pleased to have been able to set the record straight in this instance.