The problem that just won’t go away

Yet again we turn to the story of parking in Montrose, or rather the free-for-all that has ensued since it was realised that traffic wardens no longer exist, and police have more serious duties than dealing with illegally parked cars.

Another reader has been in touch to ask if the shopkeepers and staff who park all day in restricted areas realise the harm they may be doing to their own businesses “The consequence is that you can only get parked in the supermarket - so might as well shop there too, then!”

On Friday morning our reporter, notebook in hand, walked from the Review office in Murray Street to the top of George Street and back.

Five vehicles were parked on double yellow lines. Three were on single yellows. There was the almost inevitable queue at the Ball House, with three cars spilling out onto High Street.

A car without a sticker was in a disabled bay in High Street. It drove away but was replaced by another car with no sticker.

The most bizarre parking was a grey Mercedes which was partly in the bus bay outside the Original factory Shop, partly on the pavement, and partly on the bobbled slop where people cross. The driver appeared to be waiting for something, but in the secure knowledge that it would not be a traffic warden.

Our reader says in her letter: “It was well documented that the changes to Police Scotland would result in this and Angus Council has failed its duty to the residents of Montrose in putting parking enforcers in place.

“Our town will die a death if something isn’t done as the shopping experience is less than enjoyable to say the least.

“You can go into town at 9 a.m. and not find a parking space with vehicles parked on double yellow lines.”

We asked Angus Council for a comment, with specific regard to who has responsibility for dealing with the most blatant abuses of parking rules. A council spokesperson confirmed that they are currently working with the Improvement Service on this matter.

And Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe on the roads and officers work with the local authority to manage and enforce parking issues in local areas. Police officers will continue to tackle dangerous and obstructive parking and those who park unlawfully to ensure our roads are safer.”