The statues aren’t ‘all white’

Sir Robert Peel Statue in Montrose

Sir Robert Peel Statue in Montrose

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A reader has told how the recently refurbished Hume and Peel statues in the town have been “vandalised” with white paint.

Mr M. Findlay told the Review: “Last week I drove up the High Street in Montrose only to discover these two statues had been vandalised with white paint.

“How else could anyone describe a mess like that? Would it not have been a better idea to have them professionally cleaned, including the plinths, which is currently left in algae, and treated with a water sealer to bring them back to their original stone condition? Not only is painting them unsightly, the colour is awful.”

We took to Facebook to seek other readers’ opinions on the white statues.

Andrew Gaskin commented: “The statues are looking nice and clean what colour would the local resident like them to be at least if they remain white they look like marble from a distance but if they were painted different they would look horrible and how many years have they been a white colour can any locals remember them being another colour?”

Barry Kydd said: “I was born and brought up in Montrose and I have not lived there since 1966 although, I have visited many times since but I say no to painting these statues white. They are stone not wood.”

Carol Simpson simply said: “No, I don’t like them.” Elizabeth Petrie Swankie commented: “It’s not a natural look. Stone is not that colour, they are very old and should have a natural patina to them but ‘hey-ho’ that’s Montrose making naff decisions as per usual.” Mandy Muir said: “Money could be spent on better things and agree with the other comments, they are stone, old, and should be left well alone!”

John Ruddy said: “They look good - given the effect of being made of marble like many statues in the classical world.”

The Angus Gallery said of the statues: “looks good!”

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