There’s another Montrose!

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IN THE Montrose FC feature in last week’s Review, we printed a photograph send by “ardent Montrose FC fan” Steve Doyle, who lives in Durdar, Carlisle.

It showed Mr Doyle with a Gable Endies’ scarf in the American City of Montrose, Colorado, which he had passed through while on holiday.

But he sent more pictures, and a description of the ‘other’ Montrose.

He was intrigued by events advertised for the Montrose Rodeo and Country Fair such as a pie eatin’ contest, a seed spittin’ contest, a pig scramble and cow pie bingo.

There was also a hay bale tossing contest and a great deal more.

City Council meetings are broadcast live on cable television.

Montrose County has 41,302 residents, of whom 17,834 live in the City of Montrose. No fewer than 20,185 live in the slightly sinister sounding ‘unincorporated area’.

The city’s website adds the information that: “Early Montrose was a typical frontier freighting and cow town. At the turn of the century, the settlers of the highly fertile, semi-arid Uncompahgre Valley explored the formerly inaccessible regions of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River. The search for irrigation water was one of the first Bureau of Reclamation projects and resulted in an astonishing engineering feat, the seven-mile Gunnison Tunnel. The tunnel enabled Montrose to become a highly diversified agricultural area.

After growing only slightly in population and experiencing slow economic growth through the 1980s, Montrose experienced strong growth in the 1990s.”