Thieves target Montrose charity shops

Claire Jaycock, manager of DEBRA, with some of the bags of goods that people have donated.
Claire Jaycock, manager of DEBRA, with some of the bags of goods that people have donated.

Staff at Montrose charity shops are upset at the loss of revenue, following an increase in the theft of donated goods left outside their shops overnight.

Members of the public with surplus clothing and items might be horrified to know their kind donations were being intercepted by sneak thieves.

People who leave bags, the contents of which can be worth up to £100, in doorways after the shops on the High Street have closed, are perhaps unaware that they are attractive to thieves.

Claire Jaycock, manager at DEBRA, said: “We are losing between 10 and 15 bags a week at the moment.

“People are either removing them completely or they take them around the corner up the close, and pick through them for the best items leaving the rest scattered on the ground.”

Claire said bags can be worth between £50 and £100 or even more, depending on their contents.

She added: “I’ve noticed a big difference since Christmas, we are losing out on a great deal of money for our charity.”

“We are really grateful for all our donated goods but leaving them outside the shop is not a good idea. There are safety considerations, they could be a fire hazard.”

Kirsty McDougall, manager at the British Heart Foundation Shop, said: “When you drive past on an evening you often see the bags left outside the shops but they are missing by the

Scott Bradley a volunteer at Oxfam agreed that the losses are a regular occurrence. He explained passers-by often rummage in the bags for choice pieces of clothing or jewellery.

He said: “We have to lock our wheelie bin because even things we have rejected are attractive to some people.”

He suggested a central collection point might be a good idea for people working during office hours who wished to donate to their charity.

If anyone has a suggestion for where this might be, contact the Review by emailing