Thieves target rural areas in winter darkness

WITH British Summertime at an end, the UK’s leading rural insurer has issued a warning that longer nights provide more opportunity for criminals to strike.

NFU Mutual’s Rural Crime Survey reveals that three quarters of all rural crime is thought to take place during hours of darkness, with the overall volume of thefts significantly higher at times of year when daylight hours are at their shortest.

Matthew Scott, Chief Claims Manager at NFU Mutual, said: “Clearly longer hours of darkness can present greater opportunities for criminal activity, particularly in remote rural areas which may not benefit from as much lighting, passing traffic or general footfall in the evenings as urban settings.

“As the clocks change and nights lengthen, it will soon be the case that dusk has fallen while many people are still out at work, leaving their homes unoccupied during the first few hours of darkness.”

“By taking simple steps to protect property country dwellers can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim, and the vast majority should be able to enjoy a safe and secure winter.”

NFU Mutual has outlined a number of simple steps that can be taken to help deter crime during the longer winter nights:

r Leave selected lights and outdoor security lighting on during the day, as well as at night – especially if you are out during the day

r Move ornaments, garden furniture or other outdoor valuables into locked buildings for the Winter

r Keep all outbuildings locked when not in use

r Check all doors and windows are locked before going to bed

r Remove items from your garden/shed which could be used to aid breaking into your home – for example tools, ladders

r Consider keeping geese or other animals who may serve as low tech alarm systems

r Join a local neighbourhood or farm watch scheme